This is Natus and Themis

It was hot. Unbearably hot when you'd spent all your time in a long, white robe now dirtied at the edges with water. Truth to be told, he wasn't sure why he was here, but it was easy to get swept up in Natus' pace. So here they were, the Xaela already well past the water's edge and the Ancient stopping himself from going much further.

"Natus..." His tone was curious but gentle, eyes distracted by the view of the other reeling his arms back and -

"Hm? What's wrong?" Themis watched quietly as the fishing reel began to slowly ease back in, led along by Natus' steady hand.

Themis dared to ask, hints of a smile at the corner of his lips. "Do you really think you'll find mola mola here in Elpis?"

. . .



21 | Male | Xaela

What do you mean I have to stop eating? This is an all you can eat!


Natus is a tall young xaela man with an average muscular build. His hair colour is burgundy, and eyes magenta, with a slightly tanned skin tone. Natus often prefers to keep his sunglasses on his head even during the most bizarre situation.

His friends describe him as “a man with expensive taste”, wearing trendy outfits and designer shoes. His common colour scheme consists of either a dark blue or black coat and white undershirt. His favourite colour is pink.


At first glance, Natus appears to be outgoing, playful, and extremely carefree. Nevertheless, he is capable of being quite shrewd and often fearlessly confident with his ability. He tends to think quickly on his feet under any circumstance both figuratively and literally, though he is typically acutely aware of his surroundings especially due to his work as a bodyguard. Despite this, Natus has a tendency to be overly violent during combat. When faced with an obstacle or an enemy that blocks his path, Natus is more likely to brute force his way through to a solution in the most destructive way possible. Naturally this leaves him worse for wear, covered in bruises and bloody wounds.

In terms of Natus' personal relationships, he is usually seen as a very charismatic and courageous young man. He is often surrounded by girls and young guys who want to get his attention or get to know him more intimately, he usually gets pretty flattered. He doesn't particularly mind having fun with them. In fact, Natus typically gets along well with his admirers and doesn't even turn most, if any, of them away. Though he isn't someone who would give them more than one night since ultimately he's not interested in any kind of dating let alone a long-term relationship.


Natus gets easily nervous if he finds a situation gets out of hand and thus out of his direct control. He often ends up fumbling his words and making up very obvious lies, anxiety controlling his mouth more than his brain does in those moments.


Elidibus The Emissary

25 | Male | Ancient

We shall come to know each other in time, I wager. Or else why would fate have orchestrated our meeting?


Themis is a young man of small stature, slim to medium build. He has vibrant aquamarine eyes, and silver, shoulder-length hair that is neatly combed and bangs curling slightly inward at the side.

Themis dresses in a simplistic light grey robe goes all the way down, with swirl geometric patterns on the front. A white Amaurotine mask sits on top of his chest when he is not wearing it. His colour scheme is white and blue.


Being chosen as the seat of Elidibus at a young age, Themis deeply idolises his coworkers within the Convocation of Fourteen. He sees them as his close family members, especially the seat of Azem.

Themis exhibits to be an intelligent person and a very competent thinker. He has demonstrated having the ability to quickly learn and utilise new skills during combat inside the Pandæmonium. He is able to make important decisions without hesitation and see them through to the very end, even in the face of pain and tragedy. Despite this, he still fails to understand basic phrases at times, unable to register common knowledge such as death and rebirth.

Themis prioritises his work over any personal feelings, leading to people imagining him being not interested in committing any sort of romantic relationship. His polite and diplomatic nature tends to attract many admirers with older age.


Themis often speaks the same line twice towards the end of a sentence to emphasise his emotions.


Gabby | Visual Novel | SFW

Natus' heart seemed to move with the flow of the water. As the water came in, he remembered his vibrant aquamarine eyes. His mysterious smile which always seemed to be playing on his lips. His silver hair that was dance in the breeze as he turned back to face Natus.Sights that were burnt to Natus' memory. Memories that he would give anything to protect.

Could It Be That We Belong Together

ievaxol | words: 1581 | SFW

He told himself to stay away.From the first moment Natus laid eyes on Themis he knew that he would have to be careful around the young man. His chest had seized when he met Themis’ bright blue eyes the first time and he’d almost blurted out something borderline flirtatious before it struck him just where — and when — he was.

Tomorrow Can Wait

SarielScribbles | words: 2470 | SFW

Effervescent crystal blue: it’s the color of life and memory and souls. It’s the color of vivid dreams, endless possibilities, and an ever enduring hope. For Natus, however, it’s also the color of helplessness. It’s a longing that transcends the logic of space and time. It’s a maddeningly fathomless despair.

Three Words Never Said

Munechika | words: 1098 | SFW

It's an unspoken thing between them. Whether it be because both of them are too afraid to make their relationship tangible or because neither of them knows what exactly to call the feelings between them, the fact of the matter is that it's better left unspoken.

here's a safe place to lay your heart down

ievaxol | words: 4964 | NSFW

The wine looks to be of a fine and expensive variety and Natus thinks that he catches a shimmer in the depths of the bottle, otherworldly and inviting. Natus hopes Themis will be amenable to sharing it tonight; it would set the mood perfectly.“No matter.” Themis’ smile is tinged with mischief as he snaps his fingers. “I think I know the perfect thing for you to give me in return. Surely this will do?”

Something tranquil, something sweet

almandines | words: 4642 | NSFW

The words are slow and broken and hesitant, unwilling to tread a forbidden path and yet stepping silently across the line regardless. There is so much unsaid—so much it aches—and yet it is everything he needs to hear.

imbue me with a delusion, one i can't resist

writingbunny | words: 4516 | NSFW

He could not be so weak, so desperate, as to get hard over this man's mere scent.
And yet the throbbing emanating from between his legs can mean nothing but.
Themis finds himself overcome, with a fantasy he knows he can never have.

Seeds of Fallen Stars

Corehealer | words: 3956 | NSFW

Lahabrea, Erichthonios, Themis and Natus decide to break for the evening and reconvene on the morrow to continue their search for Agdistis and the manipulative Hephaistos haunting the lower reaches of Abyssos and Tartaros. Retreating to one of the guest researcher chambers in Asphodelos, Themis and Natus barely spend but a few breaths on reviewing and caring for Natus' battle wounds before they are naked and back at their increasingly familiar dance in bed.But the acrid taint of Abyssos, and its malformed keyward full of parasites, has not left Natus unscathed. And the poison and pollen he contracted in his battles is certain to have an effect on their dalliance to come...

See Me In His Office

Corehealer | words: 3023 | NSFW

Natus Vincer has come to Elpis and Pandaemonium to assist Themis and Erichthonios with containing the rampaging creations of this lightless prison beneath the sky islands. Not long after their first meeting (and their first intimate encounter), the two newly minted lovebirds have proven themselves a bit of a distraction for poor Erich, who has requested that they explore one of Asphodelos' offices for any signs of loose creatures to contain while he works elsewhere doing likewise. To catch a break from their flirting.Inside the office space, they find an environment suited to exploration of another kind, and a chance for them to continue to get to know one another and break past any remaining barriers and anxieties; a fallen star and his muse.


Shepard of the Star

23 | Male | Ancient

I legit don't know what to make him say right now just pretend he said something cool here ok bye


Narcio is a young man with average height and a lean body build. Lightly tanned skin tone, with a small beauty mark at the bottom left corner of his thin lips. His aetheric eyes shine a bright magenta hue, short peach-colored hair with a small plait tucked behind his left ear.

Narcio wears an iconic big golden earring with a long blue stripe hanging from the middle on his left earlobe. He mainly dresses a black Amaurotine robe with a red, feline-like convocation mask resting on top of his chest. His favourite colour is orange.


Despite being elected as the seat of Azem, Narcio does not particularly enjoy being the title holder. His inferior but arrogant personality leads to him constantly avoiding and pushing his duties away, reacting with extreme dissatisfaction towards his colleagues. However, parallel to his eccentric personality, Narcio has greatly demonstrated his talent in concieve of new creative concepts that are often able to help many desperate Ancients in need. To gain inspiration and avoid responsibilities, Narcio travels from star to star, wishing to be as far away from Etheirys as possible.

Usually being seen as an unpredictable character, Narcio approaches obstacles and problems in a number of ways depending on the situation and his mood, leading to him being not popular among his peers. Nonetheless, Narcio is still extremely kind at heart even if he refuses to show his emotions explicitly. During one of his returns, Narcio has uncontrollably attached himself to another ex-Azem candidate named Meteor.


Although speaking in a polite manner and does not often use contractions, Narcio can be foul-mouthed and blunt at times, having no problem being insolent towards his supervisors or any other authority figure.

This place is just for various commission references for artists.

This place is just for various commission references for artists.

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